Trading experiment 2.0-3.0: Aftermath 🤯📈 – Bitcoin & Crypto Trading Blog

Trading experiment 2.0-3.0: Aftermath 🤯📈 – Bitcoin & Crypto Trading Blog


​​Week 4 (The last one)

Finish. I have completed 100 trades!! Made 102 trades to be precise. What an incredible experience. Like learning a foreign language. 📚

Mark Douglas, in his book “The Disciplined Trader”, recommended doing that to every trader. This is great for self-control, emotional management, discipline, and responsibility! And when I have completed 100 trades following one strategy, I can confirm that this is indeed the case. 👍

I keep a diary, my personal diary, in which I describe my deals, feelings, remarks, and insights every day 🗒. While analyzing the diary, I noticed that I became less emotional in terms of trading, more confident. I have fewer and fewer thoughts like: “I had to take more, I had to move take profit, I had to not put a stop”. Now I sleep better! 😴

At first, I had doubts that I would be able to complete 100 trades following the strategy without mistakes. Although there were a few ones, I had two limit orders that I forgot to cancel. I reviewed ALL my trades with my wife. She was a regulator. 🧐 It took a long time, but I am sure that such reflection is helpful. There were no mistakes on entry points within the strategy. 💪 But there was something with risks. My risk per trade was 0.75%, together with commissions and spreads, the maximum should have been 1%. But there were a few trades with a 1.5% loss, the maximum was 1.9%. Volume calculation mistake. And I still don’t know how to solve this problem. 🤷 It seems that everything is correct, but in fact it turns out that sometimes is wrong.

I finished the last 16 trades quickly over the weekend. The volatility was wild, 🎢 deals were closed rapidly. I had a cool ride on the ETH long several times, caught XTZ short. Some stop losses for XRP. During the week, I managed to increase the equity by 5%. I think this is a great result. 😎 And then I worked on statistics. Checked trades, calculated metrics.

Shorts brought me the largest profit. I’m not cheating on my bear style. 🐻 The mathematical expectation of profit 1.81. If we take the ratio of average profit to average loss, we get 1.3. I have not figured out exactly how it can be. It seems like it should have been 2 because my stop is half the profit. Assumption: maybe because of closing at breakeven that distorted the value.

The final result is $1,176, that is, +17% for 100 trades. Currently, this result can only surprise bond investors. 😏 Because I would earn much more if I just bought any asset on CEX.IO Broker and held it for two months. But the main goal was not to make money but to make 100 transactions within the strategy. The result is a secondary goal. Sounds like an excuse. 😕

Conclusion: systematic trading works. Trading within the strategy is calmer, more predictable, and takes a little fewer nerves. One month’s results do not guarantee similar returns in the future, but I will keep checking. I’m wondering how much the indicators and statistics will change with the next 100 trades. It was an invaluable experience that I recommend everyone to have ✅.


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