Why Elon Musk choose doge coin?

Why Elon Musk choose doge coin?

Hello, Everyone my name is Manish Parihar today we are going to talk about, why Elon Musk choose doge coin?

Let’s begin first, we move to the start point of this event first, we see Elon Musk post about bitcoin from his Twitter account, he posted #bitcoin in starting of this event. After this tweet bitcoin gains, & he tweets more about bitcoin & we see the price rising in bitcoin, then he announced that Tesla accepts bitcoin as payment, Then we see a mega bull run of bitcoin. After all these, he started to tweet on doge coin & ignoring bitcoin, then we see doge coin popularity increasing continuously. Once all get shocked by seeing doge price ultimate increase, then we got more tweet “doge father SNL May 8” from Elon Musk, then we see ultimate price rise in doge coin, On May 8 doge coin crossed price more than half of dollar.

After all these we got one more tweet from Elon Musk, Tesla suspended bitcoin payment.

Then, we see a big fall in crypto market, after this we got ban on crypto by china, market crashed after this news, created too much panic in market, After this event Elon Musk Again stand for doge coin, tweeted

Then, market start increasing & get a big correction in market.

After seeing all these two-essential question arises,

1. Why Elon Musk suspend bitcoin as payment.
2. Why too much love for doge coin.

Let’s answer to these questions, when people asked Elon Musk why he suspended bitcoin payment in tesla then he answered that bitcoin mining using too much energy & this is harmful for our planet, After this one more question arise that, he doesn’t know this in start when he’s promoting bitcoin, this is answered from him, Now, what is the real truth found by us, we see Elon Musk promoting these cryptocurrency they no promoter holding in their cryptocurrency, Now, what is our mean let’s understand by an example, suppose someone A made a cryptocurrency called “test coin” & we know that if A made this coin so, he has the highest holding in test coin, so Now, what is the edible criteria for Elon Musk test coin promotion, if A sold their all test coin in market, & he has no test coin, Now, he is selected for promotion. But why A wants to sell their all coin in market & also what A got benefits from this event, If he sold their all coin now, he is a buyer. So, why? Let’s answer to this question then we got our all answer, If A have test coin he did not sell and Elon Musk start promotion of Test coin & we know test coin price increases, then A sold their all coin in pick price, so it got crashed, Elon Musk face huge loss from this event, that’s why Elon Musk not promote these they have the promoter holding, If he did then promoter gets benefits, Now, Let move to second question Why too much love for doge coin, as we already discussed that, all conditions matches from doge coin, their promoter sold their all doge coin for Honda civics than Elon Musk found this start promoting doge coin because doge coin already in market no need to list this in exchanges and all it, it has done already. & people asking Elon Musk why doge then he also answered them I like a meme etc, we think this is real truth what we have found, one more question arise, why in start Elon Musk select bitcoin, maybe this is region he doesn’t know about doge coin in start, & its conditions. But we know that bitcoin promoter Satoshi Nakamoto are missing, Why bitcoin get suspended, as we know Elon Musk always think for future he knows If Satoshi Nakamoto comes out one day he will sell their holding on bitcoin, this will create big problem, that’s why he suspended bitcoin as payment option in Tesla. One more question for knowledge how much holding of Satoshi Nakamoto in bitcoin as promoter.

As we can see here, bitcoin have max supply 21 million & in circulation have 18,711 million bitcoin So, 2.289 million bitcoin are missing from market, this is holding of Satoshi Nakamoto. This is the region as we think Tesla suspended bitcoin Payment Option.

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